Apple on the Road / Fearless / Ninja Girl

(old cover)


(new cover)

SHORTCUTS reprinted 2

Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 9 – Apple on the Road / Fearless / Ninja Girl
Code: BIC0045
Genres: Romance / Slice of Life / Anthology
Price: P79.75
Pages: 64 (20 pages each story)
Paper: white or bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: English

Apple on the Road
Written by Herbs Navasca
Illustrated by Enjelia Villanueva

“An apple on the road is indeed misplaced amidst the crowd who can’t see its grace. Behind its pretty blushing face is a cunning mystery’s trace.”

Written by Nald Tabuzo
Illustrated by Mike Banting

Mae dumps her cheating boyfriend. She hates him so much that she wants to scare the shit out of him. But he’s apparently fearless. Will she scare him by playing a white lady?

Ninja Girl
Written by Reira Francisco
Illustrated by Rica Angela Padullo

They shared a lot of books to read… They played hide-and-seek… For the first time in his life, Ned found a friend. He called her… Ninja Girl.

Preview Room:

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