Dark Sun Treasure

Dark Sun Treasure
Written by Kuting Na Basa
Illustrated by Kim Loren Dominguez
dark sun treasure

Code: BIC0085
Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Slice of Life
Language: Tagalog
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: Bulky
Released Date: September 2014
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics / Manga

Printed at the Back of the Book:

Mabibitay si Ginessa sa kasong attempted murder at robbery. Pero gaya ng karaniwang damsel in distress, isang magiting na binata ang nagligtas sa kanya. Ngunit natuklasan ni Ginessa na kaya siya iniligtas ni Erubiel ay dahil alam nitong siya ang makapagtuturo ng lokasyon ng kayamanan. Kalaban pala ni Ginessa ang binata. Hindi niya dapat pagkatiwalaan… Hindi niya dapat mahalin… Bala ng baril ang dapat niyang ibigay kay Erubiel. Hindi pag-ibig.

Summary of the Story:

Ginessa is scheduled to be persecuted that day when Erubiel stops it and saves her. They go to a hidden place so that they will not be found by the authorities led by Gualterio. Erubiel remembers how he saved Ginessa from a snake when they were still young. He also reminds her of this event and Ginessa tells him that she can still clearly remember what happened.

Days pass by, Erubiel keeps on asking Ginessa about the Dark Sun Treasure that her father had hidden. She admits to him that she doesn’t know its whereabouts and all she knows is that his father mentioned that her dead mother was the only one who knows about it. That night, Erubiel goes to the cemetery and digs up Ginessa’s mother’s coffin and finds the map to the treasure. Before Erubiel can get it, Ginessa snatchs it from the coffin. They are having a heated conversation when Gualterio shows up and asks for the map. He also mentions that he just used Erubiel to get the treasure map.

Gualterio leaves both in the hands of his two men to kill them. Ginessa and Erubiel fight the two and decide to make a deal. They decide to split the treasure and then go their separate ways. They go to the cave where the treasure is. They reach the place but Gualterio and his men are also there. The two fight them and are able to kill Gualterio. Then, an earthquake occurs and the cave collapses. Luckily, both of them are able to save themselves and get enough treasure.

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