Tonio Tikbalang (Volume 3)

tonio tikbalang 3

Code: BIC0089
Genre: Fantasy / Slice of Life / Comedy
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Volume 3 of 6
Type: Comics

Tonio Tikbalang – Volume 3
Written and lllustrated by Jake Vicente

Ano sa tingin mo ang mga problemang hinaharap ng mga enkanto na nagpapanggap na tao at estudyante? Exams? Quizzes? Homeworks? O lahat ng iyon?

Eh, paano kaya ang mga sakit? Paano kaya nagkakasakit ang mga enkanto at saan kaya sila pumupunta para magpagamot?

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Volume 3

Chapter 7

Tonio Tikbalang 3_01Tonio Tikbalang 3_02Tonio Tikbalang 3_03Tonio Tikbalang 3_04Tonio Tikbalang 3_05Tonio Tikbalang 3_06Tonio Tikbalang 3_07Tonio Tikbalang 3_08Tonio Tikbalang 3_09Tonio Tikbalang 3_10Tonio Tikbalang 3_11Tonio Tikbalang 3_12Tonio Tikbalang 3_13Tonio Tikbalang 3_14Tonio Tikbalang 3_15Tonio Tikbalang 3_16Tonio Tikbalang 3_17Tonio Tikbalang 3_18Tonio Tikbalang 3_19Tonio Tikbalang 3_20Tonio Tikbalang 3_21

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