Deadline / Promise / Wait

Manga 14

Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 18 – Deadline / Promise / Wait
Code: BIC0097
Genres: Romance / Slice of Life / Anthology
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64 (20 pages each story)
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: Tagalog / Taglish (mix of Tagalog and English)

Written by Tin Sabandal
Illustrated by Mitch Gatmaitan

“I only have one week to live… if I don’t get a transplant I might die.”

Written by Raniel Portea
Illustrated by Sita Alvarez

“Marami ka nang nagawa para pasayahin ako. ‘Wag mong sayangin ang buhay mo, Dan.”

Written by Akira May
Illustrated by Rose Polly

“I told myself that if I really cared for you, I’ll wait for the proper moment, and that’s what I did.”

Preview Room:

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