Meet Peachy Balais…

She is a full-time illustrator and her first published work is the Boys’ Love story entitled Tagila. It was first launched during the Blush Convention last year. Soon her second book BTS (Behind The Scene) was launched during the Mini Comics Festival at the SMX Convention Center during the 36th Manila International Book Fair.

BTS and Tagila
TRIVIA: BTS ang unang proyekto ni Peachy pero mas naunang i-publish ang Tagila.


We asked Peachy who are the artists that inspired her and here is her list…

Kisaragi Hirotaka (BL mangaka)

He has a really nice art style (according to baka manga updates he’s a guy). Parang fusion ng shounen and BL style.


I grew up with CLAMP. I really liked and learned a lot from their detailed artworks.

Lee Myung Jin (Ragnarok manhwa)

I collected his manhwa and learned a lot in female anatomy from his art style.

Katsura Hoshino

Her art is simple but captivating. I also like the fact that a woman is behind a top shounen series D Grayman.

Takeshi Obata

He’s keen to details and has a very flexible art style.

Masashi Kishimoto

Well, I grew up with Naruto so he influenced me as well. I really enjoyed his simple yet dynamic style.

Yuusuke Murata

My absolute favorite mangaka!!! Sobrang astig niya!!! I have no words to describe his art, just pure awesomeness! He inspired every fiber of my being to be a shounen mangaka someday!

Takehito Inuoe

I’m one of those na nahumaling sa Slam Dunk. Both in story and art, this man is the master. He’s also one of those mangaka that inspired me to be a shounen mangaka.

Naoko Takeuchi

Yeah! Sino’ng ‘di naadik sa Sailormoon? I learned how to draw females from her. Her art style is charming and makes you feel all girly inside, ha-ha-ha!!!

Kazusa Takashima

One of my first BL meisters. She has a really good grasp with anatomy and detail as well. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. ; 3 ;

Ayane Yamano

Another BL meister. Her artworks are really seductive and I learned how to draw love scenes from here hue-hue-hue!

Matsushita Yoko

Mangaka of Yami no Matsuei, fantasy and mystery with BL undertones. Her style is simply gorgeous. I specifically like her creative paneling and how she layout tones. Her stories are really exquisite, as well as dwelling with Japanese culture and folklore, and she executes it in her own detailed way.

Atsuko Nakajima

She is a character designer and animation director for a few anime like Ranma1/2, You’re Under Arrrest, Getbackers, etc. She can do gorgeous bishies and ikemen as well as pretty and cute girl characters.

Alvin Lee

His artsyle is fusion of manga and western style. It’s really dynamic and captivating. He’s my benchmark in western style art form.

Elmer Damaso

One of the first Filipino mangaka that inspired me to be a mangaka as well. I grew up with his art since the Culture Crash era. I feel quite honored that he’s also working for Black Ink.

Aldin Viray

Another Filipino mangaka which I find inspiration from. His artwork are gorgeous specially his female characters.

Wilson Tortosa

A Filipino artist. His art style is somewhat a fusion of western and manga style. I really admire his line arts on how clean and crisp they are and very dynamic as well.


Sa ngayon paborito kong basahin iyong mga gawa ni Yuusuke Murata (One Punch Man and Eyeshield 21). I’ve been following his works since college years ko pa (it’s a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away aha-ha-ha!). I’m learning techniques from him in drawing dynamic movements and perspectives. I’m also catching up with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, last year lang ako napasok sa jojo craze and yes medyo addictive itong manga na ito ha-ha-ha! For BL I’m tuning in to Ogeretsu Tanaka’s works because they’re so damn gorgeous aha-ha-ha!!! Unfortunately wala akong collection ng works nila, boohoo. Umaasa lang ako sa online.

I’m also following a few doujinshi artist. My favourite doujinka is Ituka. She mostly draw Tiger and Bunny Doujinshi. I’m waiting for her to be a full-pledged mangaka kasi sobrang galing niya in terms of story and art work. She’s one of the contributors in a Tiger and Bunny Anthology comic (which I have a copy, yay!).