Meet Ice Habunal…

She was not an art student but Ice knew how to draw some manga illustrations. And it only started as her hobby. Her first illustrated work was Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed (published under SHORTCUTS) followed by a 60 pages project entitled Samantha, The Simple Fashionista. Ice is currently working outside the Philippines while doing some projects for Black Ink. When asked who inspired her to draw here’s what she says…

TRIVIA: Ice first applied as a writer but she was offered to apply as illustrator instead.

The artist who inspired me to draw was Yuu Watase. I’ve always loved Fushigi Yuugi, especially Ayashi No Ceres and that’s when I started copying her works. That was also when I started making my own comics in hopes that one day, I could be as good as her. At present, my biggest inspiration is Kagerou Usuba because her artworks are just so beautiful. Unfortunately, my manga collections are few since mahal ang mga ito. Iyong mga nabibili ko lang mostly ay iyong mga nasa Booksale. He-he.

set 1

set 2

Most of the mangas I read are shoujo pero nagbabasa din naman ako ng mga shounen mangas like Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul, pero mostly shoujos talaga. Iyong mga inaabangan kong titles ay Last Game at Fukumenkei Noise. May iba pa actually kaso nakakalimutan ko ang titles. Hu-hu. Recently, I was addicted with the shounen manhwa, Noblesse. Ang ganda kasi ng drawing style plus the story is very engaging and funny!