Meet Jake Vicente…

He started as an illustrator for Black Ink. The first project he illustrated was A Trip to Mierville. Then he wrote a twenty pages story entitled Ice Man and The Queen of Ice. Soon he focuses on creating the comedic stand-alone series Tonio Tikbalang, a story about a young boy who is actually a tikbalang and was trying to blend in with the humans. Then he wrote a psychological novel entitled Nox Mundo, and did a little bit of an experiment with the illustrations he included in the said novel. He also shared with us the various books that he reads and his favorite artists.


TRIVIA: Tonio Tikbalang started out as an indie comics and was sold during the Komikon event before it was rewritten and published by Black Ink.


My favorite western artists are Todd Mcfarlane (Spawn) & Leonardo Manco, the dark and gritty art style is really eye-gasmic. My favorite eastern artists which I also used as references are Miwa Shiro (I like the black and white style with less tones even for the shadings), Hyung Tae Kim (anatomy), Kim Jung Gi (perspective), Tite Kubo (manga art style that is both clean and somewhat gritty), Sui Ishida (his overall style in delivering his story in the manga Tokyo Ghoul).

I also read Bleach though I’m not really happy with how it’s going since the start of the Quincy invasion, I find it hard to drop as it was one of my favorite before. My current favorite is Tokyo Ghoul, I like the story and art style. Though I’ve read it as soon as the translations came out.