Tonio Tikbalang Volume Six – The Final Volume?

Two years after the release of the first volume of Tonio Tikbalang, Black Ink announces the release of its “final” volume. This will be the concluding chapter of a six book story arc.

Tonio Tikbalang is a mix of fantasy, comedy, slice of life, action, and adventure. “It is mostly about an enkanto’s life disguised as a human being,” says Jake Vicente, the creator of the said series. It reintroduced the enkantos not as an entity of evil, like what most classic horror portrayed, but as an entity trying to live in their own ways and beliefs that we humans misunderstood.

Every volume is composed of three chapters.

Chapter 1: Hiwaga ng Kasaysayan

Chapter 2: Bigat ng Kamay, Tibay ng Loob

Chapter 3: May Kaibigan Ka

Chapter 4: Itanong mo sa Barbero

Chapter 5: Girl Next Classroom

Chapter 6: Urban Legend

Chapter 7: Gawaing-Bahay

Chapter 8: Ginagawa sa Loob ng Kuwarto

Chapter 9: Albularyo

Chapter 10: Stalker

Chapter 11: Ask First, Accept Later

Chapter 12: Stalk Her

Chapter 13: Part-time Student

Chapter 14: Part-time Bantay

Chapter 15: Part-time Crime Fighter

Chapter 16: Mahika ng mga Enkanto

Chapter 17: Ang Paggamit ng Kantra

Chapter 18: Ang Kapangyarihan ng Kantra

The sixth volume of Tonio Tikbalang is scheduled to be released this month of May 2016 as part of the celebration for Free Comic Book Day, a worldwide event that promotes comics on several bookstores.

The book cover and the first few pages (Preview Room) were already revealed last week. Further information are also provided in the Q and A section of the upcoming book. And another arc might be possible should there be an overwhelming demand from our readers.