Free Comic Book? Are you serious?!

So have you asked what Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is and why is it being done every year?

It started on May 4, 2002 and since then every first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. It is a risky event for several comic book publishers and sellers because they are giving away a lot of books FOR FREE, that readers may or may not appreciate.

There are a few things we need to know as we join the FCBD on Saturday (May 7, 2016). The three main purpose of FCBD are 1) to introduce everyone to the joys of reading comics. 2) to call back former comic book readers. 3) to thank current comic book buyers for their continued support.

Also, it is happening worldwide.

In the Philippines, several bookstores are also joining. Precious Pages Bookstores gave away the FCBD stubs last month along with the first 100 free comic books during the Summer Komikon event. Another batch of stubs were given to random customers at the PPB branches. Part of the promo during the FCBD is to get a 10% discount on every purchase of Black Ink comic book. Another batch of stubs will be sent on Saturday. Just a reminder though, the number of free comic books per branch is limited, so come as early as you can.

This event is currently on its 15th year now and we hope that it lasts.