Title: Rebound
Writer: Nald Tabuzo
Illustrator: Mike Banting
Code: BIC0133
Genres: Romance / Comedy / Sports
Language: Tagalog
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: Bulky
Released Date: April 2017
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics

Printed at the Back of the Book

– a ball or shot that bounces back after striking a hard surface; also the type of relationship that happens because a person may be consciously or unconsciously finding ways to distract himself or herself from a painful breakup.

Summary of the Story:

Mari Nara, a second year college student of Don Galo University, works with her younger sister, Pepper Roni, in their family-owned pizza parlor. One day, Mari Nara gets upset because her ex-suitor and her university’s popular basketball player, Calvin Aguilos, comes to their place to buy several boxes of pizza and shows interest in her younger sister. Because of Calvin’s reputation as a girl-magnet, she strictly warns him but is not taken seriously.

At Brittany school where Pepper is studying, Calvin approaches and makes a move on her, but is promptly rejected. Jeth, Brittany’s varsity player and Calvin’s opponent for MVP, overhears them and tells Calvin that Pepper is his. Calvin points out that he and Pepper are already done for and finds nothing wrong if he talks to her.

After a game between Brittany and Don Galo, Pepper approaches Calvin, signaling the start of their relationship despite Mari Nara’s opposition. Mari Nara starts following Calvin around to gather pieces of evidence of him being a playboy, which leads her to a situation that proves her wrong. This makes her decide to support her sister and Calvin’s relationship. However, a betrayal happens which leads to Calvin’s injury, Don Galo’s loss, and a new beginning for Calvin and Mari Nara.

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