Title: Farfetched
Writer: Erie Ly
Illustrator: Ang Pistachio
Code: BIC0155
Genre: Boys’ Love / Comedy / Drama
Language: Tagalog
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: White
Released Date: 2018
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics / Manga

Printed at the Back of the Book

“Depende sa nagdadala.”

Iyan ang madalas sabihin kapag pinag-uusapan ang pananamit.

Dahil magkakaiba ang hitsura ng tao, hugis ng katawan, at maging ang hilig o gusto ng tumitingin at mismong nagsusuot nito, mahirap malaman kung ano ang bagay talaga at ano ang hindi.

Ano-ano ang dapat na magkasama? Sino nga ba ang makakapagsabi kung alin ang tama at mali? Kung sa palagay mo ay sakto na para sa `yo at komportable ka na, kailangan bang magpadikta sa sasabihin ng iba?

Summary of the Story:

Jirry and Dylan consider themselves as a happy couple. Jirry is the one who enticed Dylan to have their date in the amusement park. Jirry is fond of getting ideas from the Internet when it comes to their relationship. Dylan makes Jirry ride the roller coaster despite the latter’s fear of heights. He even gives Jirry a present, a couple watch that matches his. Dylan’s parents already know about their relationship and they accept Jirry as a part of the family. On the other hand, Jirry doesn’t have the courage to tell everything to his parents because of their conservative nature. While sharing a kiss with each other in Jirry’s room, Jirry’s mother enters. After Dylan goes home, Jirry has an argument with his parents. He also disappears. He does not contact Dylan who is worried about him. He does not even attend their graduation.

Dylan in turn becomes a heartbreaker. He goes on with his life as a model. However, he still keeps looking for Jirry, whom he found through Instagram. They reunite as Jirry becomes his fashion designer. They try to finish the list that Jirry had created for them, but Jirry tells Dylan they will not be able to continue it and that he hopes Dylan will be able to marry someone else in the future. Jirry even makes a suit for his future wedding. This enrages Dylan, but understands Jirry, because Jirry wants to be independent and successful. Jirry tells him that he will be flying to Paris for good. Dylan understands him and go on with their lives. As time passes by, Dylan becomes very successful despite Jirry’s absence. In the end, Dylan is offered to have a modeling engagement in Paris which he accepts in the hope of seeing Jirry again.

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