Title: J.S.P
Writer and Illustrator by: Ardee Arollado
Code: BIC0157
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Language: Tagalog
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: White
Released Date: 2018
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics / Manga

Printed at the Back of the Book

“Lahat sila, eh, nag-uusap tungkol sa kani-kanilang mga crush at girlfriend. Samantalang ako, nagpapanggap na lang na nakikinig sa kanila dahil rinding-rindi na ako sa mga ganyang usapan.”

Akala ni Vonn ay ikaka-macho niya ang hindi pag-amin na may gusto siya sa isang babae. Hanggang sa isang araw ay nagulat na lang siya na alam ni Robin na may gusto siya kay Cedie.

Summary of the Story:

Vonn, a junior high school student, has a crush on Cedie. No one knows about this because he thinks it is cool to be different from everyone by pretending not to care about the opposite sex. However, one day, Robin, his seatmate, frankly asks him if he likes Cedie and offers himself to become the go-between on how to win Cedie’s heart.

Vonn starts getting closer to Cedie by teaching her on their Math subject. Meanwhile, Robin has issues with her Math grades that she ends up joining the beauty pageant for their school foundation to make up for her grades. Vonn and Cedie support her.

During the foundation day, Vonn and Robin get trapped in a marriage booth and are given an option to pay a certain amount of money or to share a kiss. Despite Robin’s intention of paying, Vonn just simply kisses her cheeks.

While Robin and Cedie are away from the classroom, Vonn sees Robin’s notebook on her seat. He cannot believe what he reads from it about himself. So, despite the opportunity to invite Cedie to the Junior Senior Prom, he tells the latter he will not attend the event.

Robin overhears that Vonn will not attend the prom and just volunteers to clean the school as a retribution for not attending the occasion. While Vonn is cleaning, he sees another student cleaning, whom he realizes as Robin, just as a romantic song begins to play from the school’s speakers. They dance to the music and afterwards discuss what Robin wrote in her notebook and eventually go home together.

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