Private Psychopomp Agency


Title: Private Psychopomp Agency
Writer: Martin Tristan Carneo
Illustrator: EJ Selloria
Code: BIC0158
Genre: Action / Fantasy
Language: Tagalog
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: White
Released Date: 2018
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics / Manga

Printed at the Back of the Book

Isa akong psychopomp, nilalang na sumusundo sa mga taong mamamtay na at naghahatid sa kanila sa kabilang buhay. Pero hindi ito madali…

Maraming mga tao ang hindi pa handa, ayaw tanggapin ang kanilang kamatayan. At isang pambihirang puwersa ang mga emosyon ng mga tao.

Summary of the Story:

Sunny Flower, the Director of Private Psychopomp Agency, assigns Ash, one their psychopomps, in a mission to collect a soul in a hospital. He is assigned to work with Cami, a grim reaper, whom he particularly doesn’t like. Despite his being indifferent to the mission, he goes on his way to the hospital. To his dismay, Cami has already started to collect souls with full of bliss and satisfaction.

Ash proceeds to the rooftop, hoping that he won’t be able to meet any soul. But a girl suddenly appears in front of him. He knows right away that she is a soul to be collected. He is about to move towards her when the girl attacks him which makes him fall on his knees. The girl tells him that she is not yet dead. He doesn’t believe her and tries to capture her but she escapes. Ash follows her presence but to his surprise, he sees her body in a bed, unconscious but still breathing. Cami sees them and starts to attack the girl.

Despite Ash’s explanation, Cami is still insisting that it is their mission to collect every soul. To his disbelief, Cami tries to attack the girl. This makes Ash to decide to reveal his true self. Cami is surprised to know that Ash is half psychopomp, half angel. And as Ash saves the girl’s soul by taking Cami’s attack, he uses his sword to send the girl’s soul back to her body. Due to the incident, Ash is sent to darkness for his suspension – blindfolded, handcuffed, and put away in a coffin with his sword.

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