5 Tips on How To Market Your Work (at any conventions)

Have you ever attended an event as an exhibitor? If not yet, but you wish to do it in the future, here are our five tips we could share in case you’ll be selling your work out there for everyone to see.


tip 1
This includes your e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. Every account must have a consistent name that is easy to remember and is directly connected to you or the services you offer. Examples are: @annecruz @aya.art or @penandpaper. Using your name or pen name is simplier and could become a trademark. Deciding on a group name could also work if you aim for it to seem like a business than just a personal account. Also, dot or hyphen is usually easier to type in at a search bar than underscore. Numbers in your username should be minimal, if possible, none.


tip 2
In case you don’t want your customers to keep on asking about the price/s of your products then a price list could help. But if that is how you wanted the inquiries to begin, then you may disregard this tip.


tip 3
Or it could be a postcard or poster displayed at your booth that shows all of your social media accounts that people can take a photo of. Then, be sure that within those accounts, people will know what services you’re offering or what products are you selling. It’s better to know how you organize those information well. But for now, start with the three basic sections: Home, About and Contact.


tip 4
Be friendly. People will also be shy to approach you especially since they know you are the seller or even the creator of all the products displayed on your table. Encourage them to look or browse.


tip 5

Be open for improvements. If you did not sell well, figure out what could’ve been the cause and think of a strategy what could you do next time you have an event to attend to as an exhibitor.