Black Ink First Draft 2017


Black Ink First Draft
Theme: Holidays

We’re currently looking for writers who can write new stories for Black Ink that has “holiday/s” as part of the setting or scenes. For example, it happened during New Year or Mother’s Day or Araw ng Kalayaan or Buwan ng Wika or National Reading Month, etc. The holiday can be just a short introduction or can be part of the timeline of the story. And since it’s our fifth year we would like the applicants to mix the five genres they wanted in their story.

Please read about the guidelines and manuscript format here:

For those interested to send their comic manuscript please e-mail the following at

1) Resume of the Applicant (please include complete address, contact number, birthdate, school or company, year and course or job position)
2) Title of the Story (Maximum of Six Words)
3) Genres of the story (Must be mix of five genres. For example: Romance / Comedy / Drama / Slice of Life / Fantasy)
4) Short Summary or Teaser (Two Paragraphs Only)
5) Sixty Pages of the Stand-alone Comics Manuscript

If you’re applying as creator (writer and illustrator of your story) you should also submit the following:

5 full body line art of random characters
5 colored illustrations (book cover type)
5 pages with chronological paneled illustrations (with tones and effects)
5 chibis (colored or grayscale)

The applicant can send as many manuscript as he or she can on or before the given deadline.

Deadline of submission is on February 14, 2017. But all responses (confirmation and feedback) will be sent within the month of March 2017.