Boys’ Love Checklist

Note: All books are published in Tagalog or Taglish language. For checking of availability, price and other details of each book please visit or directly inquire at any Precious Pages Bookstores.

64 manga BIC 0057 Poster Boy
64 manga BIC 0058 Guniguni
64 manga BIC 0061 Earth 0 (read as Earth Zero)
64 manga BIC 0062 Mga Walang Panahong Diyos ng Pag-ibig
64 manga BIC0098 Andy is Andrei
64 manga BIC 0101 Sprinters
64 manga BIC0103 Tagila
64 manga BIC0107 Behind the Scene
64 manga BIC0112 Poster Boy (Vol. 2)
64 manga BIC0119 Love Arrest
64 manga BIC0124 Freedom
64 manga BIC0125 Don’t Ever Wake Me Up
128 manga BIC0131 SHORTCUTS (Vol. 24)

Love on the Road / The Blind Love / A Walk to Love

64 manga BIC0132 Vampyre
128 manga BIC0139 Punished
64 manga BIC0140 Laws of Love
64 manga BIC0142 Earth 0 + 1
64 manga BIC0143 Poster Boy (Vol. 3)
64 manga BIC0144 Juan Carlo the 5th
64 manga BIC0155 Farfetched
64 manga BICO160 Ngayon ay Huwebes
64 manga BIC0164 Puppy Love
64 manga BIC0170 2D Love
176 novel BIN0011 Watching People’s Feet
160 novel BIN0013 Forbidden Fruit
160 novel BIN0016 The Royal Engagement
160 novel BIN0017 Seer
120 novel BIN0020 The Necromancer