Do you have an indie comics you’d like to sell?

A set of limited tables that can be shared by three artists are available at the Creators Corner of our second Manga Fest event on June 16, 2018 (Saturday). It can be offered for FREE to those who wish to sell their indie comics with manga style illustrations. PM us your name and e-mail so we can send the details and deadline for registration.

For more updates please visit Manga Fest Event Page





Do you want to be an Animator or Mangaka?

Mark your calendars, anime and manga aficionados! You can now look forward to learning the ins and outs of Anime and Manga. Precious Pages Corporation will be organizing an event called “Manga Fest” this February 24, 2018 at the 4th floor of their building at #16 Sto. Domingo Ave., Q.C.

Manga Fest is an event for anime and manga sellers and collectors. Now is your chance to showcase, sell, and also to find what’s missing in your collections!

Manga Fest will also have two panel discussions. If you’re dreaming of becoming a comic writer or an illustrator, you can sign up for Black Ink 101. The lecture would be from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and would be led by Miss Melanie Esguerra, Managing Editor of Black Ink.

If you want to know the basic techniques of animation, you sure will learn a lot from Mr. Brian Barredo, CEO and Founder of SEACAT during the next session, Insight to Japanese Animation Production from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM. Both speakers are enthusiasts and experts in the world of comics and animation.

The panel would carefully assess each respondent and only few will be chosen. Black Ink 101 has only 10 limited seats and Insight to Japanese Animation Production will only accommodate 30 persons.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and learn with your co-Manga and Anime fans for only P20.00! Online registration is until February 20, 2018.

Click the designated link for the panel discussion you wish to attend.

For Black Ink 101, please click this link:

And for Insight to Japanese Animation Production, go to this link:

And for the few chosen ones, don’t forget to bring your portfolio and resume on the day of the event. See you there!

How To Draw Manga School Tour

Attention to all Teachers and Students! Black Ink is now offering a FREE How To Draw Manga Workshop to any schools within Metro Manila!

We are Black Ink, an imprint of Precious Pages Corporation which publishes comic books with various genres such as Romance, Adventure, Mystery, Paranormal, Slice of Life, et cetera. This year we will be offering a free workshop to at least thirty students who will buy our books during the book fair to be held at your respective school or university.

We can conduct the How To Draw Manga Workshop on various grade levels.

For Elementary (one-hour or two-hour session depending on the number of attendees)

A fifteen-minute talk about how to draw the face of a character. Followed by a fifteen-minute drawing activity. The rest of the time allotted will be spent on one-on-one checking of the said activity with the speaker or artist.

For High School and College (one-hour or two-hour session depending on the number of attendees)

A thirty-minute talk about how to draw the face, anatomy and hands and feet of a character. Followed by a fifteen-minute drawing activity. The rest of the time allotted will be spent on one on one checking of the said activity with the speaker or artist.

The illustrator/s we will invite depends on the illustrator’s availability. The workshop can be divided into sessions depending on the number of attendees. Our preferred time for conducting the workshop is between 1pm and 5pm.

We hope you can let us share what we know about creating comic book characters to your students and help us promote the enjoyment found in reading.

For inquiries please contact Jobelle Espejo (School Tour Coordinator) at 0932 872 82 71.


Short Horror Story Writing Workshop

There will be a Writing Workshop on April 13, 2018 (1pm to 5pm) at the 4th Floor of Precious Pages Building – #16 Sto. Domingo Ave., Q.C.

The workshop is about knowing the horror genre, its format and what could be an effective way to write a short story for Librong Itim, an anthology of short Philippine horror stories published by Precious Pages Corporation. For those interested to join please register on or before March 31, 2018.


Registration Form

Full Name:


Contact Number:

Answers: (Please limit your answers to thirty words only; use Tagalog words)

1) Nabasa mo na ba ang kahit anong volume ng Librong Itim na inilabas namin? Ano’ng masasabi mo tungkol sa mga istoryang nabasa mo?

2) Bakit gusto mong magsulat ng horror na istorya?

3) Matagal ka na bang nagbabasa ng mga nakakatakot na kuwento? Bakit?

Send your registration form at and write Registration Form for the Writing Workshop as “Subject” so we can track your message. Thank you.

Black Ink Promo Card 2016

promo card - edited poster


Black Ink Promo Card is made for the readers and collectors of Black Ink books. If you want to have it all you have to do is buy any novel or comic book of Black Ink that has 100+ pages at any Precious Pages Bookstores. The card will be given to you at the cashier. Once you have your Promo Card you can instantly use it until the last day of December 2016. But the cards will only be given until supplies last.

After every purchase of any Black Ink book you must present the Promo Card to have it stamped or signed by the staff and they will check if you will receive a freebie!

But just a reminder… The Black Ink Promo Cards are limited, available, and can only be use at Precious Pages Bookstores.