How to apply as an illustrator for Black Ink?

If you’re interested to apply as an illustrator for Black Ink you should submit the following requirements with preferred size of 6 x 9 inches per illustration:



5 full body line art of random original characters / character design


5 colored illustrations (book cover type) – the image below is in widespread format


5 pages with chronological paneled illustrations (with grayscale tones and effects)


5 chibis (line art, colored, or grayscale)





The resume must include:

  • Real Name (please indicate first name, middle initial that is spelled out, and surname)
  • Two possible pen names for approval that sounded like a real name (to be used exclusively for Black Ink)
  • Complete Address
  • Birth Date
  • Contact numbers (landline and cell phone)
  • E-mail
  • Schools Attended
  • Year or Year Graduated
  • Course
  • Company
  • Company Address
  • Job Position

If you’re still a student or currently has no employment history please indicate it on your resume. We also prefer the applicant to know both traditional and digital drawing.

Once your portfolio is approved we will then give a project and set of deadlines. All illustrators with final illustrated files are required to provide an Official Receipt (OR) approved by Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) before they can get their payment or check. A bank account is also required to have. Please inquire at your specific Revenue District Office (RDO) for more information or inquiry on how to obtain the said receipt for freelancers.



1) What made you apply to us?
2) What are the books of Black Ink you already read and like?
3) In case you’ll be hired, is this the first time you’ll publish your work? If not, please state the title of your work/s and its publisher/s.
4) Are you a fan of the following genres: Boys’ Love, Girls’ Love, Romance, and Gender Bender? Why or why not?
5) If ever you’ll be doing an illustration for Black Ink, are you capable of doing a 60 pages project within three months? Book cover included? And will you be able to go to Manila?

E-mail the requirements at:

Note: We did not indicate a deadline for the closing of application will depend on the number of applicants who can passed the initial evaluation. As long as we can’t find the right illustrator for our certain projects we’ll keep on looking for new illustrators. We prefer that the applicant is of legal age and residing within the Philippines so we can also meet him or her during a meeting or event.