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Is Love Genderless?

(An Andy is Andrei Manga Review)

by Daryll Hanna Dulay

I never imagined myself reading a book or manga about same sex relationship. I thought everything will be awkward to read. Since I’m reading a Boys’ Love story for the first time, maybe this review will made a good point after all.

Andy is Andrei is a black and white manga published under Black Ink. From the title itself, it obviously reveals that the manga is a gender bender themed story. The story is about Kyle who decided to pursue Andy, a cosplayer that he like and followed on social media. Little did he know, that his new neighbor Andrei is also Andy. The story climaxed when Kyle found out about Andrei’s secret.

Cover Andy Is Andrei - BS

Sweet scenes which were commonly for a boy and a girl were replaced by a girl-looking boy and another boy. I thought everything would make me cringe because I am aware that Andy is a boy. But as I moved towards the end of the story, it is actually good. Maybe the illustration helps. Andrei is illustrated looking like a girl in the manga so as my imagination runs along the story, in my mind, he is a girl in male clothes. Regarding the layout and dialogue balloons, I must say they were properly positioned. This is important because we do not want readers to lose his/her track in reading. What do you expect? It’s Jana Dhel. Everything is neat and the characters looks great too.

Gays and girls might think Kyle was so perfect making them want to say, “I wish there was a real Kyle.” As the story progressed, I bet everyone would fall in love with Kyle. All thanks to the script, dialogue and storyline written by Claudine Erang. She will feed your imagination with your dream boy.

The only con I saw in this manga is the title. Like mentioned, it was like a giveaway of the story line. Though you cannot conclude how they will end up, you will still have the hint of the major plot twist of the story. Overall, it was great to find out how they ended up and what really happened after Andrei was busted and how he was caught. Also, Andrei and Kyle have scenes that I never thought I will enjoy regardless of the fact that they’re both male. Andy is Andrei gave me a fun experience which encouraged me to read more BL genre and even the other works of the author. It is said that this book is her third work in Boys’ Love genre. I think her story is worth searching for.

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Whose Ship is Sailing?

(A Ship Me Not Manga Review)

by Daryll Hanna Dulay

Ship Me Not is a 60 pages Tagalog manga published under Black Ink. It is written by Reira Francisco and illustrated by Jana Dhel. The writer of Fake Job and the illustrator of Andy is Andrei are now joined together to create a romance genre. With this two, they are able to create an exhilarating story to read.


The story of Ship Me Not is about Martin and his best friend, Jero, who fell in love with the same girl. In the beginning of the story, Martin was about to confess to Jena (the female lead) when Jero suddenly came and ask him to relay his love letter to Jena. The story became more interesting as it goes on when Jena overheard Martin and Jero talking about Jero’s plan of confession. However, the only part Jena heard is Martin saying:

“Gusto ko sanang malaman mo na… May gusto din ako—”

(I want you to know that. I also like—)

As a fujoshi, it hyped our female lead to push the two to be together.

Aside from the exciting storyline, the illustration greatly contributes to the manga. It was drawn magnificently neat and beautiful. The layout is perfect. It prevents the reader from being lost in direction. Great scenes were boldly emphasized by giving it a larger portion of the page. Even the dialogue balloons were perfectly placed near the speakers. As for the characters, the cover page says it all. But am I the only one who loves manga in black and white? If the characters printed in colored (cover page) looks good, you will fall in love more with their appearance in black and white.

Regarding the writing, even the title screams creativity. The title Ship Me Not makes you want to find out why it was titled like that, who was being shipped, or why he/she does not want to be shipped. When you finished the manga, you’ll realize that the title makes sense and it has something to do with the persona of the story. About the dialogues, they were written in simplistic way which is actually good because the story sets in regular days in school, and being written in informal conversation gives it a comfortable and realistic vibe.

Overall, Reira Francisco and Jana Dhel combined is a good one. Their creativity creates a good manga which readers would want to put in their manga collection. Still, I think the plot of the story deserves a series of manga to elongate the story and emphasize the scenes of the three lead characters. From my view, the manga is not just a love story. It is also about being a fujoshi and how women can support the same sex relationship. However, I am not giving away the story. Everyone deserves to discover how the story went. So I am only leaving you a question. Who do you think ended up with whom? Martin and Jena, Jero and Jena, or Martin and Jero?

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My Cat Girl

my cat girl

Code: BIC0116
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches

My Cat Girl
Written by Crisca Jallorina
Illustrated by Jana Dhel

Sabi nila ay malas daw na makakita ng itim na pusa. Kaya naman nang may makita si Dorothy na itim na pusa ay iniwasan niya ang hayop. Ngunit nang makita ni Dorothy na masasagasaan ang itim na pusa ay agad niya itong iniligtas. Nang magising si Dorothy pagkatapos ng aksidente ay may nagpakilala sa kanyang lalaki na ang pangalan ay Freed. Inakala niyang normal na tao lang ito. Hanggang sa nagulat na lang si Dorothy nang sabihin at patunayan ni Freed na ito mismo ang itim na pusa na iniligtas niya.

Preview Room: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1113497558662263.1073741980.479112765434082&type=3




Price: 219.75

Featuring the artworks of Godley Malabanan / Sita Alvarez / Alvin Bragais / Jana Dhel

Feel the pulse of the leading artists at Black Ink with their rendition of the fascinating art of Japanese illustrations. Be a part of the trend. Reveal the true colors of manga. Pick your colors and shade with these 30 coloring sheets.

Back in Time

back in time

Code: BIN0018
Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Slice of Life
Price: P169.75
Pages: 152
Paper: bulky
Size: 5 x 7 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Novel

Title: Back In Time
Writer: Maricar Dizon
Illustrator: Jana Dhel

“Hindi ka marunong magmahal!”

Iyon ang sumbat ng isang katrabaho ni Ella sa kanya.

Hindi iyon totoo.

She was in love with someone before. She loved him so much that she could die for him.

Subalit isa na lamang iyong bahagi ng nakaraang ayaw nang balikan ni Ella.

Isang nakaraan na matagal na niyang ibinaon sa limot.

Ngunit iba ang plano ng tadhana. Isang araw, natagpuan na lamang niya ang sariling nagbalik sa nakaraan, sa kanyang katawan noong siya ay teenager pa lamang.

And in front of her was Ken—the person she used to love and the same person that was destined to make her cry.

Read the excerpt of the novel here.

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