Back in Time

back in time

Code: BIN0018
Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Slice of Life
Price: P169.75
Pages: 152
Paper: bulky
Size: 5 x 7 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Novel

Title: Back In Time
Writer: Maricar Dizon
Illustrator: Jana Dhel

“Hindi ka marunong magmahal!”

Iyon ang sumbat ng isang katrabaho ni Ella sa kanya.

Hindi iyon totoo.

She was in love with someone before. She loved him so much that she could die for him.

Subalit isa na lamang iyong bahagi ng nakaraang ayaw nang balikan ni Ella.

Isang nakaraan na matagal na niyang ibinaon sa limot.

Ngunit iba ang plano ng tadhana. Isang araw, natagpuan na lamang niya ang sariling nagbalik sa nakaraan, sa kanyang katawan noong siya ay teenager pa lamang.

And in front of her was Ken—the person she used to love and the same person that was destined to make her cry.

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The Girl and The Goldfish

the girl and the goldfish

Code: BIC0051
Genre: Romance / Slice of Life
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Complete
Type: Comics

The Girl and The Goldfish
Written by Maricar Dizon
Illustrated by Rica Angela Padullo

Summer vacation at bored na bored si Mona sa monotonous na takbo ng bawat araw niya sa pet store na pag-aari nila. Hanggang sa isang araw ay may kumausap sa kanyang matandang manghuhula at binigyan siya ng isang goldfish. Ayon dito, ang bibili raw ng goldfish na iyon ay ang lalaking nakatakda niyang mapangasawa.

Ngunit ang bumili ng goldfish ay isang lalaking mukhang hindi naliligo o nagsusuklay man lang. Pinilit niyang bawiin ang goldfish dito ngunit ibabalik lamang daw nito iyon kung papayag siya sa isang kondisyon: ang maging maid nito…

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Chapter 1

The Girl & The Goldfish 1The Girl & The Goldfish 2The Girl & The Goldfish 3The Girl & The Goldfish 4The Girl & The Goldfish 5The Girl & The Goldfish 6The Girl & The Goldfish 7The Girl & The Goldfish 8The Girl & The Goldfish 9The Girl & The Goldfish 10The Girl & The Goldfish 11The Girl & The Goldfish 12The Girl & The Goldfish 13The Girl & The Goldfish 14The Girl & The Goldfish 15The Girl & The Goldfish 16The Girl & The Goldfish 17

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Fateful Encounter / Keeping the Heart Close / Xana

(old cover)


(new cover)

SHORTCUTS reprinted 3

Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 13 – Fateful Encounter / Keeping the Heart Close / Xana
Code: BIC0067
Romance / Fantasy / Slice of Life / Anthology
Price: P79.75
64 (20 pages each story)
6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: English

Fateful Encounter
Written by Maricar Dizon
Illustrated by Joey Lim

“I want you to notice me… I’m sorry I don’t have enough courage to tell you what I feel. Even though I know you are within reach I didn’t approach you directly. I always thought I will do it the next day, but I never did.”

Keeping the Heart Close
Written and Illustrated by Godley Malabanan

“Humans are foolish creatures. They all like to play with relationships. After a few months, or weeks, they replace and find new ‘loved ones’ as if not caring about the memories they once created.”
Written by Nald Tabuzo
Illustrated by Reah Padullo

“Aimi made me realize how painful love could be. But I could never hate her for it. Her words are familiar because it is similar to mine. All I could do is promise myself not to hurt anyone anymore.”

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Numbers and Metaphors / A Sudden Confession / Remembering You

(old cover)


(new cover)

shortcuts - numbers and metaphors

Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 10 – Numbers and Metaphors / A Sudden Confession / Remembering You
Code: BIC0063
Genres: Romance / Slice of Life / Anthology
Price: P79.75
Pages: 64 (20 pages each story)
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: English

Numbers and Metaphors
Written by Herbs Navasca
Illustrated by Errol Castillo

Umi is an English teacher. Shoji-san is a Math teacher. They work in the same school. But they seem too different. Like numbers and metaphors.

A Sudden Confession
Written by Maricar Dizon
Illustrated by Jayron Zapanta

“You rarely kiss me. We don’t even have a proper conversation. At first, I thought that was fine with me… But I was wrong. I don’t want us to be like this.”

Remembering You
Written By Maria Cornelia Sanchez-Damaso
Illustrated By Reah Padullo

“My very young heart tells me to be always there for you. To protect you. But it was sad. I never told you you’re the one who saved me and inspired me to fulfill my dreams.”

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