The Importance of Genres When Writing a Story

Knowing the genres that interest you means you know the kind of work you will be creating. In writing a comics manuscript, deciding which genres you’ll mix can help you divide the scenes and the impact of those scenes. Genre also serves as a guide for the editor during evaluation.

For example, you decided to have Boys’ Love as your primary genre then mix it with Drama and Comedy, you must then decide how many pages are the dramatic scenes and how will you break it in order to insert a comedic scene. One sample of this is our comic book Poster Boy (Volume One).

Here are the other genres:

Adult or Mature – a genre meant for 18 years old and beyond for it may include themes that are not appropriate for children, may have violence, sexual content, or nudity but different from pornography.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Behind the Scene

Mystery – a genre about an unexplained event and the protagonist will investigate and prove its cause.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Stray Ghost

Psychological – a genre that tackles the mindset of a character and usually has serious themes.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): The Watchers (Yoth’s Story) or Haunter’s Code

Adventure – a genre that usually starts with a trip that goes wrong or a character suddenly went on an unusual place but must make it back home.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Dark Sun Treasure or Z

Romance – a genre that tackles love and how two characters fall for each other.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): My Grandfather’s Last Wish or Date with the Prince of Hell

Comedy – a genre that is humorous or light and often called a feel good story.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Wandering Heart or Love Scheduler

Sci-fi – also known as science fiction for it involves twists on science or technology and often about scenarios that may or may not happen in the future.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Mr. Perfect or K8

Drama – a genre that triggers sadness or too much tension.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): An Encounter to Love

Fantasy – a genre that describes magic and unknown worlds.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Tonio Tikbalang or Sumbaga

Gender Bender – a genre about exchanging what boys and girls often do, like, girls dressing up as boys and boys dressing up as girls.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Fake Job or Terropian Princess

Harem – a genre that’s about a male protagonist being attracted or having an opportunity to have a romantic relationship with more than two female.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Fortune of the Heart

Reverse Harem – is the vice versa of Harem.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Who is my Romeo? (SHORTCUTS)

Slice of Life – a genre that focuses on the theme of the story which is usually connected to day-to-day realistic lives of people.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Lola Mommy (SHORTCUTS)

Boys’ Love – a genre about a romantic relationship between two male characters.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): Tagila or Love Arrest

Girls’ Love – a genre about a romantic relationship between two female characters.

Suggested Reference (Black Ink): World Canvas