Would you Like To Write A Light Novel for Black Ink?

Black Ink is known for publishing comics in manga format. But during 2013, Black Ink starts to publish novels that are called light novel by some Japanese publication.

A light novel is a kind of novel that is easy to read despite the mixture of genres. Since light novels have the same pacing with manga, it is also a kind of book that makes you imagine an anime NOT A REAL LIFE type of character/s. It usually targets the young readers who are an anime and/or manga fan.

But how to write a light novel? Here’s our tips that might help you.

Tip # 1:
Know the genres you’d like to combine. In that way, you will know the pacing and feels of your story. A combination of two to four genres could be enough to create an interesting plot.

Tip # 2
Write as you imagine an anime. Cut the scenes similar to a comics or manga pacing. Less narrations the better. The cutting of your scenes and good exchange of dialogues can also make your story interesting. Aim for a fast-reading type of story by using casual or not so formal Tagalog language because it could lighten the feel of your narration.

Tip # 3
Start with an interesting opening line or gesture. Grab your readers’ attention by either providing quotable lines or introducing your characters properly. Show his/her lovable or interesting traits. Think of it as getting to know a total stranger. How will you introduce him/her that will surely capture your readers’ interest to know him/her more? Also, be consistent with the traits of your characters or show how they will change from one point to another.

Tip # 4
It’s okay to have a hyper or loud character but make sure that what they say in a loud manner was just an outburst of their reaction or simply a cute exaggerated expression that could help to add humor or to lighten your story. Too much arguing or nagging between your main characters is not a good way to develop a story.

Tip # 5
State or show the conflict then build the tension as your story moves on to the next chapter.

Tip # 6
Make it local. Use local places, and names that can be link to Filipino characters unless you wanted to create your own universe.

Tip # 7
You could either relax or write another story while waiting for the evaluation which will be sent to you a month after the date of submission.

If you wish to submit your light novel to Black Ink, your story should be written in Tagalog or Taglish with a minimum of 24,000 words and maximum of 25,000 words. If it’s a thicker plot aim to write 48,000 words maximum. Word count are used as guide for our Layout Stage so please follow it.

All light novel manuscripts must be in word file format (.doc not in PDF), Calibri font, and size 11 only. No need to adjust the margin or include any images.

The imprint, the title and the writer’s name must be inside the .doc file and must be the file name and Subject of the e-mail for easy tracking and sending of feedback. See sample e-mail “Subject” below in this order:

Black Ink Novel – The Forbidden Fruit by Jobelle Rivera

Submit your light novel manuscript to blackink.firstdraft@gmail.com and wait for a confirmation or feedback a month after your submission.

Once your manuscript/s is/are approved we will then process the writer’s payment. Corresponding fee will be paid for every approved manuscript. All writers which will have an approved manuscript are required to provide an Official Receipt (OR) approved by Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) before they can get their payment or check. Please inquire at your specific Revenue District Office (RDO) for more information or inquiry on how to obtain the said receipt for freelancers.

If the writer is below eighteen years old and currently a student, we will require a scanned copy of their student ID and parents’ consent letter to be sent along the requirements (manuscript and resume).

A personal bank account is also required to have if the applicant or writer have an approved manuscript/s.