The Tiny Books of Black Ink

You might have heard or seen a small book meant for children or for short quotes or poetry or even for a condensed version of a self-help book. No matter what the content is, its aim is to let people bring a book anytime and read it anywhere they can.

What inspired us to create our first tiny book was a Japanese book bought by our publisher when he visited Japan. He was intrigued and he thought maybe the book’s size is meant for people who commute. That maybe those who ride on trains read as they stand and wait for their stop (or misses their stop). And that was a very appealing image for us. We missed those years when we would still see people read on public. Now the question is the content. What story should be published in a tiny book? Well… we came up with ten short stories that we then compiled as an anthology.


To have that Filipino vibe of horror we call it “Librong Itim,” a title that we thought readers will just laugh at or worst ignore. But, three years later, readers still keeps on asking for the latest volume of the anthology of short Philippine horror stories.

Next to that project, we published another Black Ink Novel. “Black Blood” is similar to the horror genre of Librong Itim except that it was mixed with humor and the pacing is similar with the Japanese way of storytelling through their manga or anime.


Soon the four Boys’ Love light novels: “Forbidden Fruit,” “The Royal Engagement,” “Seer” and “Watching People’s Feet” are being noticed and supported not just by fujoshi readers.

Recently, we are prone to reading on our phones or to browsing online even without really intending to. We spend so much time with our little screen that we no longer have enough “me time” to breathe, to relax, be transported somewhere and come back again. So, if we think about it, what better ways to do that than reading a book?