Released as of September 2019

Librong Itim Volume 9  COVER WATCHING PEOPLES FEET 3  Librong Itim Volume 4 Cover RAZ  Librong Itim Volume 4 Cover RAZ

100 percent max  puer  shortcuts 30  what lies behind her words

Print  PrintHow To Draw Manga - HOW TO DRAW BACKGROUND AND EFFECTS  Print

Released as of June 2019

Tagila 2

Released as of May 2019

Forbidden Fruit V2 Cover  Librong Itim Volume 7  Print  2D Love  SHORTCUTS 29

Released as of April 2019

Tonio Tikbalang 7  SIPA-01  KRONO Vol 2  SG 5  Librong Itim Volume 4 Cover RAZ

Released as of December 2018

BIC0164  BIC0165  A Boy Named Alex - Cover  Cover Journal Final revised

Released as of November 2018

20_zachary  18_shortcuts28

Released as of September 2018

15_farfetched  12_chalkvolume1  13_jsp  21_floranteatlaura  22_psychopomp  14_ngayonayhuwebes

16_librongitim5  10_novel3-theroyalengagement  11_novel4-seer  23_novel5-watchingpeople27sfeet

Released as of June 2018

152   153   154  1_howtowritemanga

Released as of April 2018

150  151  Librong Itim Volume 3 Cover

Released as of September 2017

Bible Reimagined  IA  SHORTCUTS volume 27  Ode to Art  Librong Itim Volume 3 Cover

Released as of June 2017

JCT5 pb3 E0 S26


Released as of April 2017

cover-shortcuts-vol-25-front  Print

cover Styx and Stones-01  My Godfather's Death Wish - front

Released as of February 2017


Released as of September 2016

shortcuts-23  black-cat-front-cover  ship-me-not-front-cover  drift-front-cover  Print  shortcuts-24-front-cover  vergil bk 2 cover  captured-front-cover  Librong Itim Cover Ras

Released as of July 2016

vergil bk 2 cover  vergil bk 2 cover

Released as of April 2016

the girl in white dress cover - front  Cover Stray Ghost 4 - front  Cover Tonyo Tikbalang5

Reprinted Books (Best Sellers)

Cover Andy Is Andrei - BS  Cover Sprinters - BS

Released as of February 2016

Cover Love Arrest - front

Released as of January 2016

12322818_898436493578280_3434290614630839248_o  12291858_897404813681448_2398791047975331970_o  12304177_1122151474463538_7525881731669589727_o

Released as of December 2015

Cover Stray Ghost2  my cat girl  raya

Released as of October 2015

(Coloring Book for Adults)


Released as of September 2015

104_fake-job-front  105_manga-16-front  106_blood-with-benefits-front  107_bts  108_samatha-the-simple-fashionista-front1  109_stray-ghost-3-front

110_facebook-lovers-front  111_the-watchers-front  113_tonio-tikbalang-5_front  cover-poster-boy2-front

Released as of August 2015

sprinters  my favorite bully  tagila

Released as of July 2015


Reprinted Books (Best Sellers)

shortcuts-shared-spaces  shortcuts - paper-thin

Released as of June 2015

Reprinted Books (Best Sellers)

earth 0  oh my genie  dark sun treasure  white wings  world canvas reprint

Released as of May 2015

andy is andrei  Manga 14  BIC0099

Released as of March 2015

fortune of the heart  tonio tikbalang 4

Reprinted Books (Best Sellers)

reprinted 1  reprinted 2  SHORTCUTS reprinted 4  SHORTCUTS reprinted 5  SHORTCUTS reprinted 6

Reprinted Books (Best Sellers) – New Book Covers

SHORTCUTS reprinted 1  SHORTCUTS reprinted 2  SHORTCUTS reprinted 3

Released as of November 2014

back in time  the necromancer  world canvas

BIC0091  omg - oh my genie  z  dragon breed 3

Released as of September 2014

stray ghost 2  tonio tikbalang 3  fox - fate or xylia  never been  dark sun treasure  date with the prince of hell

BIC0065  BIC0086  BIC0087  BIC0028

Released as of June 2014

time first  haunter's code

white wings  tonio tikbalang 2  earth 0  mga walang panahong diyos ng pag-ibig  blue nights

Released as of March 2014

[BIC0051]The Girl & The Goldfish  wandering heart  terropian princess  tonio tikbalang 1  poster boy  my grandfather's last wish