Zachary, The Cool Hairstylist


Title: Zachary, The Cool Hairstylist
Writer: Claudine Erang
Illustrator: Ice Habunal
Code: BIC0161
Genres: Romance / Comedy
Language: Tagalog / Taglish
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64
Paper: White
Released Date: November 2018
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Status: Sequel to Samantha, The Simple Fashionista
Type: Comics


Na-snatch ang cell phone ni Zachary pero naibalik iyon sa tulong ng isang Good Samaritan. Habang ikinukuwento niya sa mga kasama sa Lavinia’s Beauty Salon ang nangyari sa kanya, nabanggit naman ni Mackey na may kaibigan itong mag-i-eighteenth birthday at gustong kunin ang serbisyo nila. Nang dumating ang debutanteng si Shaznie ay nanlaki ang mga mata ni Zachary. Ito kasi ang tumulong na maibalik ang cell phone niya.

Simula noon ay naging interesado na si Zachary kay Shaznie. Gusto niyang nakikita ito, nakakausap at nakakasama. In short, gusto niyang maging close sila. Gusto niyang higitan ang closeness ni Shaznie kay Mackey dahil tuwing nakikita niyang magkasama at magkausap ang dalawa ay nagseselos siya. What’s worse ay nawawala ang pagiging cool niya!

Proof that Black Cat is Not A Bringer of Bad Luck

(A Black Cat Book Review)

by Daryll Hanna Dulay

During Aklat Awards 2017, Ice Habunal won as the Most Favorite Writer and Black Cat is the comic book she created that also won the Most Favorite Comic Book category. Having these knowledge sets my expectation before reading Black Cat.


The heroine named Catherine was labelled as the black cat for her misfortune. The story became more interesting when she met Remlas en Cantas, a real black cat that can turn himself into a human. For a cat person, this is like your dream put into pages. Some say, women who do not have a boyfriend marry their cats. So reading this manga is like tolerating your fantasies to be with your adorable cat and wishing it can turn itself into a handsome boy.

black cat_Page_14

In my opinion, I think Black Cat can pass as an archetype of the Japanese manga Kamisama Hajimemashita because of two points. The first one is, mythology and cultural beliefs are present in the story. If Japanese believed in the keeper of the shrine and spiritual practices, in the Philippines, where Ice Habunal came from, there’s a belief of small creature called duwende. They have the ability to bring good fortune or bad fate to people. The second point is the noticeable similarities of the power of the male lead characters. This fact is actually the first thing that reminds me of Kamisama Hajiimemashita. Black Cat has Remlas while Kamisama Hajimemashita has Tomoe which both can turn themselves into an animal. Regarding the characters, it should be noted that despite their similar physical form, their personality are different which means that their approach in the story is dissimilar.

About the concept, I admire Black Cat for incorporating mythology in the story because it gives some sort of originality that it is indeed made by a Filipino to present the Philippine culture. This might bore some, but if you have observed, many manga readers admire Japan because they see the beauty of Japanese culture through their manga. So if we do the same, by using this kind of concept to Filipino made manga, it will or can also capture the attention of the Filipino and foreign readers and they will discover more of the Philippines.

black cat_Page_44

The mixture of fantasy, comedy, and romance genre along with the excellent illustration pushed the Black Cat to deserve an award. The book has it all—great story line and nicely drawn characters. It is just sad because it came out as a single story. I think it will be great if it will be written as a series with the integration of more characters and mythology. However, I can say that Black Cat really stood out. It can diverge itself when mixed with local and foreign manga because of its uniqueness. No doubt it is a winner.

aa2017 black cat


Meet Ice Habunal…

She was not an art student but Ice knew how to draw some manga illustrations. And it only started as her hobby. Her first illustrated work was Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed (published under SHORTCUTS) followed by a 60 pages project entitled Samantha, The Simple Fashionista. Ice is currently working outside the Philippines while doing some projects for Black Ink. When asked who inspired her to draw here’s what she says…

TRIVIA: Ice first applied as a writer but she was offered to apply as illustrator instead.

The artist who inspired me to draw was Yuu Watase. I’ve always loved Fushigi Yuugi, especially Ayashi No Ceres and that’s when I started copying her works. That was also when I started making my own comics in hopes that one day, I could be as good as her. At present, my biggest inspiration is Kagerou Usuba because her artworks are just so beautiful. Unfortunately, my manga collections are few since mahal ang mga ito. Iyong mga nabibili ko lang mostly ay iyong mga nasa Booksale. He-he.

set 1

set 2

Most of the mangas I read are shoujo pero nagbabasa din naman ako ng mga shounen mangas like Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul, pero mostly shoujos talaga. Iyong mga inaabangan kong titles ay Last Game at Fukumenkei Noise. May iba pa actually kaso nakakalimutan ko ang titles. Hu-hu. Recently, I was addicted with the shounen manhwa, Noblesse. Ang ganda kasi ng drawing style plus the story is very engaging and funny!

Hindi Nakasanayang Ghost Story / Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed / I’m Dating a Seminarista


Title: SHORTCUTS – VOLUME 19 – Hindi Nakasanayang Ghost Story / Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed / I’m Dating a Seminarista
Code: BIC0099
Genres: Romance / Slice of Life / Anthology
Price: P99.75
Pages: 64 (20 pages each story)
Paper: bulky
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Type: 3-in-1 Comics
Language: Tagalog / Taglish (mix of Tagalog and English)

Hindi Nakasanayang Ghost Story
Written by Juss Eldrin Mergas
Illustrated by Joll Mark Manabat

“Kahit na mag-transform ka pa… Ikaw pa rin ang aking beautiful entity.”

Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed
Written by Aki Belong
Illustrated by Ice Habunal

“Sino kaya siya? Gabi na… Bakit nandito pa siyang mag-isa? T-teka… Paano kung isa siyang…”

I’m Dating A Seminarista
Written by Tin Sabandal
Illustrated by Jillopy

“Seminarista ako. Hindi ka dapat ma-in love sa ‘kin. Mali ito…”

Preview Room: